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Precise Tree Removal, Trimming, and Pruning Services

Clear your yard of dangerous low branches and dead limbs with tree trimming and pruning from Brothers Tree Service of Pinellas County LLC of Clearwater, Florida. Our company trims trees, clears debris, and makes way for new foliage growth.

Cutting of the Branch of a Tree

Center Pruning

Let us remove dead foliage and irregularities so you can admire your well-manicured tree all year long. Center pruning involves removing all dead wood and suckers. This is especially beneficial in Florida to minimize the risk of uprooting during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Ornamental Tree Trimming

For decorative trees in parking lots and in front of homes, we provide tree-trimming services to shape trees nicely as they grow. This service is very common with large oak trees, among others. We also provide palm tree trimming services to remove dead palms and make way for new growth.